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At Elegantwix, we believe everyone deserves to enjoy luxury products. Whether it’s lighting a candle after a long day or enjoying the scent of a new lotion, we value the simple, homely pleasures that make each and every day special. As a family run business, we are passionate about creating products that our customers will love. All of our products are high-quality and made using natural ingredients, meaning they are as beneficial for you as they are for your home. We sell a number of home and body goods, including diffusers, scented candles, and wax melts, as well as soaps and body lotions.

Unique, Natural Products for Your Home

Each and every Elegantwix product is handmade by our family-run team. It’s our mission to create luxury products that captivate and inspire, enhancing the feel of your home. Our candles are hand-poured for a clean finish, while the scents for our lotions and soaps are developed on-site by our team; with Elegantwix, you are guaranteed a beautiful and unique product.

Protecting You and Your Skin

We use 100% soy wax derived.

Our Best Products

  • Teddy Touch

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  • Lotion & Soap

    £22.00 Select options
  • Elegant Signature

    £26.00 Select options
  • Sea Splash

    £23.00 Select options
  • Sunset

    £23.00 Select options
  • Gift Set

    £26.00 Select options
  • Waxmelt Collection

    £12.00 Select options
  • Diffuser

    £16.80 Select options

Eco-Friendly & Natural Ingredients

Petroleum Free

Our products are Petroleum free, and don't contribute dangerous gasses to the environment, Soy wax is all natural. Our products are 100% soy wax.

Cruelty Free

A products that was created from top to bottom without harming/ killing of animals

Phthalate Free

Our products are made from natural, plant base.

100% Vegan

They don't contain animal by-products like fat / milk 100% plant based

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The Self Discovery Collection

100% Organic Natural Wax. Pure Essential Oils.
Hand poured in England!

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